Angular Velocity Unit Converter

About Angular Velocity

Physical Quantity, The Rate Of Change Of Angular Position, And If Regarded As A Vector, The Direction Is The Axis Of Rotation
Angular Speed

Supported Units

Degree per Daydegree/d
Degree per Hourdegree/h
Degree per Minutedegree/min
Degree per Monthdegree/m
Degree per Seconddegree*s⁻¹
Degree per Weekdegree/w
Degree per Yeardegree/y
Radian per Dayrad/d
Radian per Hourrad/h
Radian per Minuterad/min
Radian per Monthrad/m
Radian per Secondrad/s
Radian per Weekrad/w
Radian per Yearrad/y