Angular Velocity Unit Converter

This free calculator will find the conversion between units of Angular Velocity.

About Angular Velocity

Physical Quantity Defined As The Rate Of Change Of Angular Position Whose Direction Is (If Regarded As A Vector) The Axis Of Rotation
Angular Speed

Supported Units

Degree per Daydegree/d
Degree per Hourdegree/h
Degree per Minutedegree/min
Degree per Monthdegree/m
Degree per Seconddegree*s⁻¹
Degree per Weekdegree/w
Degree per Yeardegree/y
Radian per Dayrad/d
Radian per Hourrad/h
Radian per Minuterad/min
Radian per Monthrad/m
Radian per Secondrad/s
Radian per Weekrad/w
Radian per Yearrad/y