Dynamic Viscosity Unit Converter

This free calculator will find the conversion between units of Dynamic Viscosity.

About Dynamic Viscosity

Physical Property Of A Moving Fluid

Supported Units

Gram per centimeter secondg/(cm·s)
Kilogram per metre secondkg/(m·s)
Newton second per square metreN·s/m²
Pascal SecondPa sSi Unit Of Dynamic Viscosity
Millipascal SecondmPa sUnit Of Dynamic Viscosity
Pound-force second per square inchlbf·s/in²
Pound-force second per square footlbf·s/ft²
Pound per foot secondlb/(ft·s)
Pound per foot hourlb/(ft·h)
Slug per foot secondslug/(ft·s)
Poundal second per square foot
Dyne second per square centimetredyn·s/cm²