Electrical Resistivity Unit Converter

This free calculator will find the conversion between units of Electrical Resistivity.

About Electrical Resistivity

Physical Quantity And Property Of Material; Inverse Of The Electric Conductivity
Specific Resistance Resistivity Volume Resistivity Electric Resistivity
Resistivity geometry

Supported Units

Abohm CentimeterabΩ*cm
Circular Mil Ohm per Footcircular mil*Ω/ft
Microhm CentimeterμΩ*cm
Microhm InchμΩ*in
Nanohm MeternΩ*m
Ohm CentimeterΩ*cm
Ohm InchΩ*in
Ohm MeterΩ*m
Ohm Sq. Millimeter Per MeterΩ*mm²/m
Statohm CentimeterstatΩ*cm