Energy Unit Converter

This free calculator will find the conversion between units of Energy.

About Energy

Measure For The Ability Of A System To Do Work
Electric power transmission

Supported Units

British Thermal Unit (Iso)BTU (ISO)Unit Of Energy, Exactly 1055.06 J
British Thermal Unit (It)BTU (IT)Unit Of Energy, About 1055.05585 J
Calorie (International Table)calUnit Of Energy, Defined In 1956 As Exactly 4.1868 J
ElectronvolteVUnit Of Energy
ErgergUnit Of Energy And Mechanical Work; 100 Nanojoules
Foot-Poundft·lbfUnit Of Energy
GigajouleGJSi Unit Of Energy
JouleJSi Unit Of Energy, Work And Amount Of Heat
KilocaloriekcalUnit Of Energy (In Colloquial Usage Also Known As Calorie)
KilojoulekJUnit Of Energy
Kilowatt HourkWhUnit Of Energy, Often Used For Electrical Billing
MegajouleMJUnit Of Energy
nutrition CalorieCal
Ton Of Tntt
Watt HourW hUnit Of Energy