Length Unit Converter

This free calculator will find the conversion between units of Length.

About Length

Measured Dimension Of An Object In A Physical Space

Supported Units

Bohr Radiusa₀Physical Constant; The Most Probable Distance Between An Electron And The Nucleus In A Nonrelativistic Model Of The Hydrogen Atom With Infinitely Heavy Nucleus
ÅngströmÅUnit Of Length; Equals 0.1 Nanometre
PicometerpmSi Unit Of Length
FootftUnit Of Length
Astronomical UnitAUMean Distance Between Earth And The Sun, Common Length Reference In Astronomy
CentimetercmUnit Of Length Equal To 1/100 Of A Metre
ChainchUnit Of Length
DecimeterdmLength Unit Equal To One Tenth Of A Meter
FathomUnit Of Length In The Old Imperial And The U.s. Customary Systems
FurlongfurUnit Of Length
InchinUnit Of Length
KilometerkmUnit Of Length Equal To 1,000 Meters
LeagueUnit Of Length
Light-YearlyUnit Of Length Used To Express Astronomical Distances, Defined As The Distance That Light Travels In A Vacuum In One Year
MetermSi Unit Of Length
MilemiUnit Of Length
MillimetermmUnit Of Length 1/1000Th Of A Metre
MicrometerμmOne Millionth Of A Metre
NanometernmUnit Of Length
Nautical MilenmiUnit Of Distance (1852 M)
ParsecpcUnit Of Length Used In Astronomy
RodUnit Of Length
YardydUnit Of Length