Mass Unit Converter

About Mass

Property Of Matter To Resist Changes Of The State Of Motion And To Attract Other Bodies
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Supported Units

GramgUnit Of Mass 1/1000Th Of A Kilogram
KilogramkgSi Unit Of Mass
newton (Earth)N
Unified Atomic Mass UnituOne Twelfth The Mass Of A Neutral Atom Of The Most Abundant Isotope Of Carbon (Carbon-12)
DaltonDaUnit Of Mass
CaratctUnit Of Mass
Short HundredweightcwtUnit Of Mass Used In The Us And Canada; 100 Pounds, Or 45.359237 Kg
CentigramcgUnit Of Mass, Equal To 0.01 Gram
DecagramdagUnit Of Mass Equal To Ten Grams
DramdrUnit Of Mass Or Volume In Different Systems
GraingrUnit Of Mass
Long HundredweightcwtUnit Of Mass, Equal To 8 Stone, 112 Pounds, Or 50.802345 Kg
MicrogramμgUnit Of Mass, Equal To 10^−6 Gram
MilligrammgThousandth Of A Gram
OunceozUnit Of Mass
PennyweightdwtUnit Of Mass
PoundlbUnit Of Mass In Imperial, Us Customary, And Avoirdupois Systems Of Units
QuarterUnit Of Measurement
StonestInformal Unit Of Measure Equal To 14 Pounds Avoirdupois
Long TonUK tUnit Of Mass Used In Many Commonwealth Countries
Short Tontn. sh.U.s. Unit Of Mass (2,000 Pounds Or 907.18474 Kg)
TonnetMetric Unit Of Mass Equal To 1000 Kg
Troy Ounceoz tUnit Of Mass, Imperial Measure