Mass Flow Rate Unit Converter

This free calculator will find the conversion between units of Mass Flow Rate.

About Mass Flow Rate

Mass Per Time Of A Fluid Passing Through A Cross Section
Flow Rate

Supported Units

Centigram per Secondcg/s
Decigram per Seconddg/s
Dekagram per Seconddag/s
Exagram per SecondEg/s
Gigagram per SecondGg/s
Gram per Dayg/d
Gram per Hourg/h
Gram per Minuteg/min
Gram per Secondg/s
Hectogram per Secondhg/s
Kilogram per Daykg/d
Kilogram per Hourkg/h
Kilogram per Minutekg/min
Kilogram per Secondkg/s
Megagram per SecondMg/s
Microgram per Secondμg/s
Milligram per Daymg/d
Milligram per Hourmg/h
Milligram per Minutemg/min
Milligram per Secondmg/s
Petagram per SecondPg/s
Pound per Daylb·h⁻¹
Pound per Minutelb·min⁻¹
Pound per Secondlb·s⁻¹
Ton (metric) per Dayt·d⁻¹
Ton (metric) per Hourt·h⁻¹
Ton (metric) per Minutet·min⁻¹
Ton (metric) per Secondt·s⁻¹
Ton (short) per Hourton(US)·h⁻¹