Momentum Unit Converter

This free calculator will find the conversion between units of Momentum.

About Momentum

Conserved Physical Quantity Related To The Motion Of A Body
Linear Momentum Translational Momentum
Billard.JPGImpuls Masse Geschwindigkeit

Supported Units

Dyne Hourdyn*h
Dyne Minutedyn*min
Dyne Seconddyn*s
Gram Centimeter per Minuteg*cm/min
Gram Centimeter per Secondg*cm/s
Kilogram Meter per Secondkg*m/s
Kilonewton HourkN*h
Kilonewton MinutekN*min
Kilonewton SecondkN*s
Meganewton HourMN*h
Meganewton MinuteMN*min
Meganewton SecondMN*s
Millinewton MinutemN*min
Millinewton SecondmN*s
Newton HourN*h
Newton MinuteN*min
Newton SecondN*s
Pound Foot per Hourlb*ft/h
Pound Foot per Minutelb*ft/min
Pound Foot per Secondlb*ft/s