Speed Unit Converter

This free calculator will find the conversion between units of Speed.

About Speed

Magnitude Of Velocity Of Motion

Supported Units

Meter Per Secondm/sSi Unit Of Speed And Velocity
Centimetre Per Secondcm/sUnit Of Speed
Foot Per Secondft/sUnit Of Speed
Foot Per Minuteft/minUnit Of Velocity
Kilometre Per Hourkm/hUnit Of Speed
Kilometre Per Secondkm/sUnit Of Speed
KnotknUnit Of Speed
Mach NumberMRatio Of Speed Of Object Moving Through Fluid And Speed Of Sound
Metre Per Minutem/minUnit Of Speed
Mile Per HourmphUnit Of Speed
Speed Of LightcSpeed Of Electromagnetic Waves In Vacuum
Speed Of SoundDistance Travelled During A Unit Of Time By A Sound Wave Propagating Through An Elastic Medium
Yard Per Secondyd/sUnit Of Speed