Duration Unit Converter

This free calculator will find the conversion between units of Duration.

About Duration

Physical Quantity For Describing The Temporal Distance Between Events
Length Of Time Time Length Elapsed Time Amount Of Time

Supported Units

MillenniumTime Period Of 1000 Years
CenturyUnit Of Time Lasting 100 Years
DecadePeriod Of 10 Years
Julian YearaUnit Of Time And A Version Of The Year Often Used In Astronomy
Gregorian YearyUnit Of Time
Tropical YearPeriod Of Time For The Ecliptic Longitude Of The Sun To Increase 360°
YearaEstimated Period Of Time For The Earth's Orbit Around The Sun And Observed At A Fixed Geographic Point (Averaging 365.24 Days); Base Later Modified To Define Or Adjust Various Calendars
MonthIrregular Unit Of Time Dividing A Calendar Year
FortnightTime Period Of Two Weeks
DaydUnit Of Time Lasting 24 Hours, Derived From The Period Of Earth's Rotation About Its Axis
HourhUnit Of Time
MinuteminUnit Of Time
WeekUnit Of Time
SecondsSi Unit Of Time, Defined As 9 192 631 770 Periods Of The Ground-State Hyperfine Transitions Of Caesium-133
MillisecondmsSi Unit Of Time
MicrosecondμsSi Unit Of Time
NanosecondnsSi Unit Of Time